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Relocating With My Child

It’s tough being a single parent and sometimes you have to move either for a better job opportunity, to be closer to your family for support, or just for a change of pace. If you share parental responsibility, however, moving may be complicated. Florida law governs the child relocation process when one parent wants to move with the child farther away from the other parent.


It is very important to seek the advice and counsel of a family law attorney with experience in child relocation matters because the rules are strict and improperly relocating your child may result in serious legal consequences, including contempt of court proceedings or even modification of timesharing or custody in favor of the other parent.


Call us at (407) 956-2172 to discuss your relocation process.


We will work with you to present your case for moving with your child to the court so that the judge can make an informed decision that is in your child’s best interest.


Child Relocation Law for Noncustodial Parents

If you receive notice that your child's other parent intends to relocate and you don't agree, you must respond timely and appropriately to dispute the relocation. Contact our attorneys immediately to discuss the appropriate way to respond and preserve your rights. If you don't respond correctly or timely, you may lose your right to object to the relocation. Our experienced family attorneys will help you through the process. Call us at (407) 956-2172 for a confidential consultation.


If your child has been relocated away from you by the other parent, whether out-of-state or within Florida, you should seek representation by our child relocation lawyers. The longer your child is away, the less likely it will be to resolve the case in your favor, so you should act quickly. We may be able to obtain court orders to return the child or modify timesharing in your favor. The law is clear that it is not in the best interest of children that they be kept from one parent by the other, however, once the child has resided in another state for a significant amount of time, Florida courts may lose jurisdiction over the case and you may find yourself having to fight for your parental rights in another state.


When parents don’t agree, child relocation cases are difficult for everyone involved. It’s important to have an experience Orlando family lawyer by your side every step of the way. Call our office at (407) 956-2172 for a confidential consultation to discuss your child relocation options.


To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando family law attorneys, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.


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