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Aggravated Assault is a 3rd degree felony in the State of Florida. It is defined as making a threat to do violence against another person with the apparent ability to carry out the threat causing legitimate fear and either using a deadly weapon or committing the assault with the intent to commit another felony. As you can see the definition of aggravated assault is very specific and very technical. That's why it's important to retain an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you against aggravated assault charges.


As a third degree felony, aggravated assault is normally punishable by up to five years of prison, probation, or both and up to a $5000.00 fine. Some aggravated assault charges (with a firearm, on a law enforcement officer, on a firefighter, etc.) are subject to enhanced penalties and may be charged as second degree felonies, which carry prison sentences up to 15 years and fines up to $10,000.00.


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If the charge involves a firearm or a law enforcement officer, then minimum mandatory sentencing applies. Minimum mandatory sentences of 3 to 25 years in prison, depending on the facts of the particular case, must be served day-for-day with no gain time for good behavior or early release eligibility.


Because of the serious sentences handed down for aggravated assault in Florida, it's important to have a criminal defense attorney on your side as early as possible. With a skilled defense, it may be possible to avoid these strict punishments.


Aggravated Assault Attorneys in Orlando

The criminal defense attorneys at Brown & Rice are ready to help you fight your aggravated assault charges. As former prosecutors, we've seen how the State is likely to approach your case and we will put this knowledge to work in your defense. You have options to attack these charges. Contact us to discuss your aggravated assault charge defense strategy.


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