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Drug charges are serious in Florida. The state takes a hard line approach to prosecuting offenses such as possession of cannabis, possession of cocaine, possession of heroine, and especially to trafficking in any these substances. More recently, the state has gone on the offensive to harshly prosecute prescription drug crimes such as trafficking in oxycodone (Oxycontin), trafficking in hydrocodone (Vicodin), and possession of xanax or other painkillers and antidepressants.


Our lawyers have handled these types of drug cases both as criminal defense attorneys and as state prosecutors.  We will develop a defense to your case based on the particular circumstances of your arrest.  Our goal is to keep you out of jail and keep drug convictions off your record.


In addition to jail, prison, probation, and fines, drug convictions have serious consequences.  A conviction for possession of a controlled substance will result in your drivers license being suspended for two years and may make you ineligible for federal student aid programs.  Additionally, felony drug convictions will result in losing your civil rights to vote or carry firearms.


Our experienced attorneys will fight to protect your rights. Call us for a  consultation to discuss your drug case at (407) 956-2172.


Why am I charged with Drug Trafficking? I wasn't selling anything...


In Florida, "drug trafficking" charges often don't involve any actual trafficking.  Florida law makes possession of certain weights of controlled substances a more serious crime called drug trafficking.


For instance, if you are caught with one oxycodone pill, you may be charged with possession of oxycodone, a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. However, if you are caught with a bottle of oxycodone pills left over from a relative's wisdom tooth surgery, you might be charged with trafficking in over four grams of oxycodone (even if you were just using the pills for your bad back).  Trafficking in over four grams of oxycodone is a first degree felony with a minimum sentence of three years in prison and a maximum of thirty years in prison.


Additionally, minimum mandatory sentences associated with drug trafficking convictions are not eligible for gain-time or any early-release programs.


As you can see, drug trafficking charges are treated very seriously even though they are just another form of possession. You will need an experienced attorney to fight your drug trafficking charges. If you are charged with drug trafficking, contact our attorneys immediately to discuss your case.


To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando drug defense attorneys, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.


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