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The family lawyers at Brown & Rice know that family law issues such as divorce, child support, and child custody can be extremely difficult and emotionally charged.  Our family law attorneys will work with you through these challenges to obtain a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of you and your children. We will treat your family law case with the attention and dignity that you deserve. Call us at (407) 956-2172 to discuss your family law problems anytime. We'll happily offer a concerned ear and some guidance based on our experience in the Florida family courts.


Below we highlight some of our family law practice areas. We offer comprehensive family law representation, so even if your particular issue is not directly addressed, we're standing by ready to help.


Contested Divorce

Divorce is often an incredibly difficult decision. Our divorce attorneys will advise you of your options and ensure that your rights are preserved with regard to your property, your children, and your future. The handling of your divorce will have serious implications well into the future. Allow our divorce attorneys to represent you every step of the way. Read more about divorce...


Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes married couples are in agreement to get divorced and just need help with the legal processes of dividing assets, addressing the needs of the children, and dissolving the marriage. We offer affordable representation for uncontested divorces throughout central Florida. Read more about uncontested divorce...


Child Support

We understand how difficult it is to provide for your children in today's world. Our child support lawyers can establish child support orders to ensure that your children are provided for as they grow.


If you are  currently ordered to pay child support and cannot meet your obligation, our child support attorneys can petition the court to modify your child support order so that you can continue to provide for your children within your current means. Read more about child support...



The establishment of legal paternity is essential for both fathers and mothers of children born outside of marriage.


For mothers, paternity is necessary to establish child support so that you can provide for your child throughout their childhood.


For fathers, paternity is required for you to establish parental rights. Without legal paternity, you will have no right to see your children or share in decision making for their futures. Read more about paternity...


Child Custody

Child custody, or "timesharing" as it's called in Florida law is established by the family courts as part of a parenting plan. In addition to timesharing, the parenting plan will establish parental responsibility - determining whether either or both of the parents have decision-making authority over the child.


Child custody may also directly affect the amount of child support you receive or pay under Florida law. Read more about child custody...


Sole Custody

Parents often ask how they can obtain sole custody of their children. While sole custody is not favored under Florida law, it is possible under specific circumstances. Our family attorneys can advise you about sole custody and petition the family court to grant sole custody if your circumstances qualify. Read more about sole custody...


Child Support Modification

As circumstances change, sometimes old child support orders are no longer adequate or fair for the mother, the father, or both. Our Orlando family attorneys can petition the court to modify a previous child support order to reflect today's circumstances.


Whether jobs, custody arrangements, or other relevant circumstances have changed. Contact our family court lawyers to discuss whether you may qualify for a child support modification. Read more about child support modification...


Child Custody Modification

If things have changed since your parenting plan was established, a child custody modification may establish a more fair and appropriate timesharing arrangement that reflects today's circumstances and the best interest of your children. Our Orlando child custody attorneys can petition the court to modify it's previous order.


Modifying child custody may decrease your child support obligation or increase the child support you receive based on the new timesharing schedule. If one parent isn't properly exercising timesharing under the parenting plan, modifying it to reflect the actual timesharing may also allow for a child support modification in favor of the parent exercising more timesharing than originally anticipated. Read more about child custody modification...


Child Relocation

Parents of children subject to a parenting plan or a pending paternity action often must get court approval to to relocate with their children. This process is to protect the rights of the noncustodial parent and the best interest of the children. If you are seeking to relocate, our attorneys can help you obtain court approval. If you have received notice of intent to relocate from your child's other parent, then our family lawyers will help you respond and protect your rights. Read more about child relocation...



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