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If you have been accused of a Theft, Robbery or Burglary Crime, the consequences can be extremely harsh and instantaneous upon conviction.  It is very important that you understand the possible legal ramifications by contacting a criminal defense attorney with experience in these types of offenses.  Under Florida Law, the penalties can include long-term periods of probation, jail time or even prison sentencing.


The Law Office of Brown & Rice, PA is well aware of the long term repercussions of a conviction in theft or burglary.  These types of charges can be extremely detrimental to your personal and professional life and should not be taken lightly.  Current and future employment opportunities are severely jeopardized along with your family relationships and the resulting damage to your personal reputation.


The attorneys at Brown & Rice, PA provide both the skill and experience to protect your rights and to defend against these types of theft and robbery charges.  Our staff of lawyers has a background as prosecuting attorneys and is therefore very aware of the techniques and strategies that the prosecutor will employ.  This previous experience allows our attorneys to offer competent  legal advice to defend against these charges and to protect your future.


Orlando Burglary and Theft Attorney


Lawyers from Brown & Rice, PA defend criminal cases from our Orlando Office with the following types of theft crimes:


• Robbery

• Armed Robbery

• Burglary

• Shoplifting

• Extortion

• Grand Theft

• Petit Theft

• White Collar Crimes


Our attorneys will instruct you that each crime will carry a different sentence, depending on a number of factors.  The courts will take into consideration the severity of the crime, your previous criminal history, and the possible involvement of weapons during the crime.  Depending on the combination of these and other contributing factors, the result could lead to long term probation or even lengthy prison sentences.  When charged with a theft or burglary crime, it is important to acquire professional legal advice immediately from an experienced and reputable Orlando Burglary Attorney.


How Our Orlando Attorneys Will Help


The Lawyers of Brown & Rice, PA have years of previous experience as prosecuting attorneys.  We therefore are very aware of which defense strategies work best.  We will effectively employ all of the techniques necessary to protect your rights, including interviewing witnesses on your behalf, taking depositions, and analyzing the government's evidence and documentation.  Our attorneys will fight to restore your good name and to resolve these criminal charges swiftly and completely.


To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando Theft, Robbery, and Burglary lawyers, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.


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