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Being accused of a sexually motivated crime can be both humiliating and terrifying.  The penalties for a conviction of a sexual crime can seem brutal and archaic.  Additionally because sex crimes cases are by nature emotionally charged cases there are many common prejudices and biases that can be very dangerous to the accused:


Sexual Crimes Defense


At Brown & Rice we aggressively defend those facing accusations of any and all sexually motivated crimes.  The most common crimes that are considered “sexually motivated” are listed below:


Capital Sexual Battery

Child Exploitation or Molestation

Distribution or Transmission of Pornography

Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender

Human Trafficking

Indecent Exposure

Internet/Online Solicitation of a Minor

Lewd / Lascivious Conduct

Possession of Child Pornography



Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, or Sexual Battery

Solicitation for Purposes of Prostitution

Spousal Rape

Statutory Rape


Penalties for Sex Crimes in Florida



Even as a first time offender with no prior criminal record, prison is a very real consideration when dealing with sex crimes.  Almost all sexually related felony offenses score mandatory prison so judges may not have any sentencing alternatives available or, if they do have a limited exception available, they may be very reluctant to use it.


Sex Offender Probation:

This probation mandates sexual offender counseling, restricts where a person can live, where he or she can work, where he or she can go, and imposes a curfew.


Designation as a Sexual Offender:

If a person is convicted of a sex offense there are laws in Florida, and throughout the United States, that require the person to register his or her residence and continually keep the registry up to date.  This may make it very difficult for that person to find a place to live, obtain employment, or move on with life and live without public scorn.


Civil Commitment:

This is known as  a “Jimmy Ryce” civil commitment proceeding.  In some cases the Office of the State Attorney may seek to have a person who has been convicted and imprisoned for a sex crime be committed to a residential facility when he or she finishes his or her prison sentence.


Common Prejudice and Bias Against Accused Sexual Offenders


There is a public perception and fear of sexual predators and an experienced lawyer recognizes this and knows there are many myths that must be overcome in this type of case:  “children are innocent and won’t lie”, “we need to give the prosecution some extra credit here because we need to protect the children”, “you can tell this person is a molester just by looking at him”, “he’s in court so something must have happened”, etc.


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We understand the stress involved with a sex crimes allegation and we will do everything we can to minimize the impact of these charges and get them dismissed if at all possible.  We are prepared to analyze every aspect of the case, to interview the accuser and any witnesses, probe weaknesses in the government’s proof, to explore the case above and beyond the filed police reports, and work with forensic experts, including DNA experts, toxicologists and medical professionals, in order to present the most powerful defense on your behalf.


To set up your confidential consultation with one of our Orlando sex crime lawyers, give us a call at (407) 956-2172, or contact us online.


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